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Hypercore™ Brushless Motor
No Remote (Lean To Go)
Intelligent Led Lights
Crush Hills
Fast Charge
Stop On A Dime
Top Speed 19 MPH / 30 KPH

Range    +                XR
         5-7 mi + / 12-18 mi XR

App Connected

We are very proud to be one of the first retailers in the UK to bring you the Onewheel + and Onewheel + XR and offer genuine Onewheel accessories.

Both the Onewheel+ (£1649) and Onewheel+ XR (£1949) can be ordered directly from us and both are offered with Free UK delivery.

Currently FM are changing European distribution and as such there is a slight in deliveries, we are told boards would be shipped towards the end of March and we should expect them therafter, we are placing orders between now and then so if you are in the market for a Onewheel you can secure yours by either calling/emailing or ordering directly with us.

Simply use the contact us page or call us on 01297 553013 or you can use the NEW order form on the Right of the page. Payment for this option is handled by Paypal and you can apply for paypal credit to spread the payments should you wish.